10 key questions that are drivers of consistent performance.

10 key questions that are drivers of consistent performance.

  1. Do you have a clear Strategy that is shared throughout your organisation?
  2. Do you know if your leaders are aligned with and competent to deliver the strategy?
  3. Do you know if your organisation’s teams are functional or dysfunctional?
  4. Do you know if your people have the capability and capacity to deliver your plans?
  5. Does your organisation have change readiness to adapt as required?
  6. Does your organisation have the essential systems to deliver results?
  7. Does your organisation have a strong focus on reviews and feedback?
  8. Does your organisation encourage breakthrough thinking?
  9. Do you regularly assess your organisation’s Culture?
  10. Does your organisation strive to Achieve World-class Performance?

If you answered YES to all these questions – Congrats! keep up the good work. If you answered NO or Don’t Know – it’s ok. We can help.

To fix these challenges click here www.chalonpc.com and complete a 5 minute survey. It will give you real insight into your current position.

We can discuss your results and focus on how to turn your No responses into a resounding YES. And position your organisation to achieve World-class Performance.

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