Facilitation & Training Workshops

We provide highly effective training workshops and courses in developing leadership skills, strategic planning, change management and team development.

The Denison Model

Denison Organisational Culture Survey The core diagnostic used in our work, is the acclaimed Denison Organisational Culture Survey.

This powerful tool captures data around 12 factors. The findings are revealed in a debrief which will pinpoint the organisation’s Critical Issues.

The resulting action plan prioritises 1 Critical Issue that will optimise the path to World-class Performance. This provides a laser-like focus and allows resources to be deployed with greater conviction.

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Customised Client Workshops (sample)

Illustration of data analysis graph
  • Leading Organisational Change – featuring core change management skills and concepts
  • Leadership skills – featuring the Situational Leadership model
  • Effective Communication – active listening – using a proven model and techniques
  • Strategic planning – applying the classic SP framework and cutting edge tools
  • Operational Planning – Setting and managing operational plans, objectives and actions – strategy into action
  • Essential Change Management Skills workshop – for change agents and leaders
  • Effective Supervisors workshop – frontline skills
  • Leading and managing virtual & remote teams – using the acclaimed TMS profile
  • Management development workshops (several versions tailored for clients)
  • Leadership & team development workshops several – using the acclaimed TMS profile
  • Managing multicultural teams – middle and senior level teams
  • Process mapping and process improvement – using TQM tools and processes
  • HR as a business partner – featuring Ulrich’s framework and strategies
  • Management skills for new managers – frontline supervisor/manager program
  • Performance management – featuring the fundamentals of performance using PMM
  • Management Forum – a specially crafted CPC solution to address topical issues & challenges

Jacqueline Lane

Chief Corporate Services Officer, ORS Group

“I met Cliff more than seven years ago when we needed someone to help us revitalise our HR function. He was very thorough, professional and shared his extensive expertise freely. The end result was that our HR function was put on track to performing as a true HR business partner fully aligned to the business needs. Cliff has an easy-going, approachable style, and the proven systems and tools he applies are leading-edge, practical and useful. He is particularly adept in precise analysis of culture that supports systems, behaviours, skills and practices to get clarity and direction on achieving desired performance outcomes. We benefitted greatly from his “words of wisdom,” world-class tools, case studies and strategies, and his ability to align them to the practical element of our business.”

Over 90% of C-suite executives identify culture as crucial to performance, and that improving organizational
culture improves company value. And yet only 15% say their firm’s corporate culture is “where it needs to be.”

This is where we FOCUS. We have a unique way of bringing your organisation to World-class Performance.

Roadmap to World-Class Performance

One Critical Issue at a Time