Performance [pərˈfôrməns]The act of performing; the carrying into execution or action; execution; achievement; accomplishment; representation by action; as, the performance of an undertaking of a duty.

What we believe in:

CPC is a performance consulting firm which is distinct from a ‘training or coaching or product-based firm’. At CPC, we believe in precision.

A key feature of our performance consulting process is in the precise gathering and analysis of data leading to a careful and targeted diagnosis of the issues, problems and challenges surrounding the needs of our clients. This is accomplished using the following means:-

  • CPC customised surveys: These customised surveys target specific elements of the 5 dimensions of the CPC Framework. This can be done as one comprehensive survey to point out needs and shortfalls in all 5 dimensions so that we can work to address them.
  • Specially customised surveys: These surveys can target either one or a combination of the 5 dimensions and incorporate client-specific areas (e.g. Conduct surveys to establish strategy planning gaps).
  • Issue-specific surveys: Surveys that target specific issues that are then used as preparation for a solution (e.g. a Workshop, system or forum).
  • CPC-designed Post-Workshop Evaluation surveys: These replace the common ‘happy sheets’ that are usually used at the end of a learning program. This methodology targets precise content and extracts learning and application data that shows ROI.

Surveys are typically conducted online.

So if you want to create a sustainable performance-based and performance-driven culture that is based on targeted diagnostics, contact us today.


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