Turn Your Can’t To Can

Everyone can practically turn their can’t into can. However, sometimes people don’t or won’t attempt to do so. Why is that? There are four reasons some people say they can’t do it or won’t attempt according to leadership writer and editor Bill Abbate: Lack of desire, lack of motivation, fear of failure, and little to no belief in themselves:

  1. Lack of Desire- If you are not eager to do something, it simply means you don’t want to do it. It doesn’t mean you cannot do it.   
  2. Lack of Motivation- If you’re not inspired to do something, you are unlikely to do it. 
  3. Fear of Failure- If you’re afraid to fail, chances are you will not even attempt to do something. 
  4. Little to No Belief in Yourself- If you don’t believe in yourself that you can do it, who will? 

If people want something, they always find a way to do it. However, if people don’t want to do it, they have many reasons or excuses not to do it. Benjamin Franklin strongly believes that “you can do anything you set your mind to”. Here are a few tips to help you turn your can’t into can: 

  1. Get to the bottom of the problem. Realise that your assumptions are just speculation. When you acknowledge your assumptions, you put yourself in a position to start working on turning the can’t into can.  
  2. If you can’t change the situation, change your attitude towards the situation. You limit yourself once you focus on the negative, like fear of failure and not believing in yourself. Switch your focus on what you can do about it. Turn your negative into positive. 
  3. Replace can’t do with can do. Abbate suggests the shift from negative to positive is life-changing. Start with this and everything eventually fall into place.  

Admittedly, there are certain situations that may be too much for you to handle. How do we look at this from a positive point of view? Do something about it: ask for help. Focus on what you are able to do about it and then go from there. If you’re struggling with your company’s strategy, capability, and culture, we can help. Let’s discuss.