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How We Work

Our Vision: To be a recognised leader in Performance solutions in the Asia Pacific region.

Donald T. Tosti, a noted researcher and practitioner in performance improvement states that, “fundamentally, every organisation is a human performance organisation.” In many cases, efforts to address the situation of poor performance leads us to knee-jerk reaction where we regard ‘training’ as the universal panacea. This approach is fundamentally wrong and can lead to incorrect talent decisions, often with significant cost. The wastage factor in training expenditure is around 80%. This means that even the best training is only having a 20% impact.

This situation begs a response to these key questions;

1. How do we effectively extract and examine the critical information we need to manage our talent?
2. How do we address our performance issues and challenges?
3. How can we best adapt to required changes?
4. How can we sustain a performance culture?

At CPC, we aim to help our clients discover the answers to these key questions. Our Mission is to craft and deliver customised solutions for select clients to address human performance issues and challenges in Culture, Strategy, Change and Talent development.

If you need help with performance consulting, or if you wish to develop a high performance organizational culture, we have the answers.

Find out more about our process and the services we provide below.

Chalon Performance Consulting has amassed significant expertise and capability on global projects for clients in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, Pakistan and Vietnam.

Our approach is our difference; our framework is proven – it delivers performance.