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The wastage factor in training expenditure is currently measured at around 80%. This means that even the best training is only having a 20% impact.

Are you still getting poor performance despite all the training?

Let us help you find the RIGHT SOLUTION.

Q: Why CPC?​

A: CPC can help you position to achieve “world-class” performance​

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Every business must deliver a level of performance that is required by an end user of their product or service. We know that to deliver this performance through people you must harness 2 key factors - Capability and Culture. We have broken the code on what this means. It requires precise diagnosis and practical, timely solutions to real workplace issues and challenges. We deliver Performance.


Focus on the key aspects that form a company’s direction is crucial. Yet many businesses do not put enough time and rigour into developing their business by developing clear strategy. We have proven expertise that will craft a strategy that provides abundant clarity in your business at every level. This provides focus, alignment and achievement of desired outcomes. Strategy is key to business success.


Change is inevitable and challenging but can also be managed. People must know the value of the Change being initiated, what is required to make the change successful and what role they must play in the change process. This takes deliberate effort not guesswork or worse - imposed change. We help steer your required change efforts in a manner that will avoid the common 70% failure rate.


An important driver in any organisation is the capability of its Leaders. At every level, leaders have a mandate to deploy resources and manage their people to achieve desired outcomes. This takes mindset, skillset and commitment. Leadership competency isn’t automatic, and it’s not for everyone. Anyone in a leadership role is bound to face challenges and must be developed to deal with these. The CPC Core Leadership Program features, proven competencies, 360 degree profiling, accelerated learning methodology and powerful skills workshops that take leaders to a high level of consistent performance. This underpins Culture.


Rarely is work completed by individuals alone. People often work in teams. This requires more than simply assembling a group of talented people and calling them a team. Teams develop over time and must be managed with great care and expertise. Teamwork can be vastly improved where there is a strong focus on team dynamics, accountability, and cohesion. This is only achieved with a purposeful approach that ensures continuous monitoring and team development. We can show you how.


Every business has one. But not every business succeeds. This is often because the Culture is not supportive. This is in spite of the best efforts of leaders, full resources and proper planning. It is because something in the mix is missing and not conducive to a high-performance culture. It is surprising to note that many businesses don’t assess their culture let alone take steps to manage it. The old adage, ‘what gets measured gets done’ applies. CPC have expertise in culture assessment using the acclaimed Denison system. We can help you to assess, evolve and sustain your Culture.

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When you harness the power of talented, focused people within a fully optimised and supportive culture, extraordinary results can be realised

In his book, Achieving World-Class Performance, Cliff Chalon addresses the 10 truths every senior executive must understand to ensure their people and culture produce sustainable world-class performance.
In this book you’ll discover:
•The importance of clear direction, strategically and at every level of your organisation
•How to set up and develop your staff to achieve high performance
•Why culture is the key to attracting and retaining top-level staff
•How to harness the full potential of every person and team in the organisation
•Ways to encourage the truth from your employees about how they really feel about the business and their role within it
•How to avoid fads and optimise performance feedback
•How to ensure ROI from your culture-driven organisational change