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“We solve strategy, capability and performance problems, promptly, effectively and sustainably “

Most SMEs are currently experiencing these issues right now

• On-Going Talent Shortage
• Rising Costs
• Retention of Critical Staff
• Dysfunctional Teams

Are you experiencing any of these right now? Or some other challenge?

" Whether it's enhancing productivity, improving profitability, or creating a high-performance culture, our performance consultancy services are tailored to meet your specific business needs.”

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Q: Why CPC?​

A: CPC can help you position to achieve “world-class” performance​

The Virtuous Cycle: Strategy, Capability, Performance, Culture

Are you tired of chasing fleeting performance wins? Do you yearn for a sustainable success cycle that propels your organization forward, year after year? Look no further than the virtuous cycle of Strategy, Capability, Performance, and Culture.


One Critical Issue at a Time​

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What do SME Owners and Entrepreneurs Like Yourself have to Say About CPC?

When you harness the power of talented, focused people within a fully optimised and supportive culture, extraordinary results can be realised

In his book, Achieving World-Class Performance, Cliff Chalon addresses the 10 truths every senior executive must understand to ensure their people and culture produce sustainable world-class performance.
In this book you’ll discover:
  • The importance of clear direction, strategically and at every level of your organisation
  • How to set up and develop your staff to achieve high performance
  • Why culture is the key to attracting and retaining top-level staff
  • How to harness the full potential of every person and team in the organisation
  • Ways to encourage the truth from your employees about how they really feel about the business and their role within it
  • How to avoid fads and optimise performance feedback
  • How to ensure ROI from your culture-driven organisational change