Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs):

World-class is the mantle reserved for only the best organisations. We broke the code on this sometime ago (see the diagram here). It appears that the World-class Performance companies are brilliant at harnessing their Capability and their Culture. We know what it takes to be best in class – from a human performance standpoint. This is what positions them to attain consistent performance levels, even in the face of numerous constraints, volatility and stiff competition.

When fully optimised these companies achieve 5 times greater sales, 2.5 time greater profit – and they do it with 57% less staff than others within similar industries. Your business can achieve this level too. Yet current research shows that only 7% are positioned to do this. CPC can assist with this transformation.

No problem. We offer blended service levels that require minimum face-time, and complete other requirements via online platforms like Zoom, MS Teams and Skype. Our projects have been delivered to global companies across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

We offer a suite of solutions to typical challenges (link to 9C’s). These services are provided on a monthly retainer basis at price points that suit your needs/budget.

We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that are crafted to meet to your particular needs. We can tailor our solutions to address issues at the individual, team and organisational (Culture) level. We can help you to choose the most cost-effective solution.

A Performance Consultant specialises in human performance factors that occur in any organisation. They focus on addressing problems with people and culture and are skilled in assessment, diagnosis and delivering customised solutions. They use a wide array of practical methods, tools and techniques that extend far beyond typical HR systems.

Typically, you will need to consult a Performance Consultant to address an human performance challenges at the individual, team and organisational level.

We are industry agnostic. Wherever, there are business employing people to perform optimally, that’s where we do our best work. Our work covers numerous industries such as wholesale produce, heavy engineering, mining and resources, commerce, pharmaceuticals, legal & financial services, construction, health care, NFP’s and many more.

We have 4 retainer-based service levels plus an array of customised solutions.

Yes absolutely free. You can even receive a free copy of our book ‘Achieving World-class Performance’ just by meeting us to discuss your situation.

We use a powerful Roadmap to assess and diagnose your challenges, and apply a rigorous problem-solving approach that will precisely deliver a solution that will help to meet certain agreed KPI’s. We have delivered solutions such as Revenue increases, decrease in staff turnover/retention, increased sales volumes, consistent practices, improved market share, greater team performance, and more.

We will ascertain the required level of service you will need at a meeting. We give you a Solution Summary with all the details and the cost of your solution. Monthly Retainer service levels are from 6 to 12 months duration while Customised solutions can range from a half-day to several months.