Strategy Development


Lack of a Defined Strategy

Many SMEs are hamstrung in their efforts to achieve their business outcomes due to not having a clear and documented strategy.

Poor or no guiding aspiration

Every business must have a purpose. This will determine the required strategy choices for setting up the business effectively.

Short-term Focus

SMEs often prioritise immediate needs and get easily bogged down in day-to-day issues and activity. This can lead to reactive decision-making instead of proactive strategies that clarify outcomes, anticipate market shifts and address customer demands.

Unclear Objectives and KPI’s

Without well-defined objectives and determining Key Performance Indicators, it's difficult to measure progress and identify areas for improvement. This lack of focus makes performance variable at best and delivers continuing levels of mediocre performance.

Random Resource deployment

Dedicating resources to deliver a clear Strategy can be a huge challenge for smaller businesses. They may not have the ability to harness the talent, skills and competitive advantage through their people.

Low engagement and retention

An often overlooked side-effect of poor Strategy is the low engagement level and low retention of staff. The combination of these 2 factors will negatively impact productivity and performance. This can be a significant challenge and one that is difficult to manage, leading to high staff turnover, corrupt practices, and increasing pressure to deliver results.

Our Solution

We will help you develop a clear plan

Crafting with Precision

We expertly craft your Strategy with our acclaimed PTW framework, tools and processes.

Mapping Your Success

Your Strategy will lay out the logic of your choices and highlight your company’s aspirations, competitive advantage, core capabilities, systems and resource requirements.

Empowering Operational Excellence

This will give you and every person in your business abundant clarity. This will enable you to competently manage your operational objectives with commitment and confidence.