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Regional CFO, Altana Singapore

“I’ve known Cliff for over 12 years, since the organisation required an experienced seasoned facilitator to work with our emerging leaders in the Asia Pacific region.

I have organized and personally attended several of his workshops and appreciated the profiles, practical tools and frameworks shared to lock in valuable skills and concepts. We covered topics such as leadership performance planning, delegation, communication, feedback, conflict, building trust, change management, teamwork and situational leadership.

In these workshops, Cliff has demonstrated his expert skill as a facilitator, including his ability to engage the participants with lively interaction through a stimulating mix of multi-sense learning activities. These are debriefed to draw learning and parallels to the workplace. The post-workshop projects help to assimilate and apply the learning to real workplace scenarios.

The results have been exceptional with over 60% of participants being promoted to senior-level positions after completing the program.

Cliff has a relaxed, friendly and engaging style which fosters a conducive learning climate. He genuinely creates excitement in the participant groups while also taking time to deal with individual needs. His infectious energy and humour generate active participation among the culturally diverse groups.

We are indeed fortunate to have a person of his calibre helping with this important initiative. I feel sure any organisation would similarly benefit from his skills.”