It is now abundantly clear that every aspect of culture affects business. The success and growth of a company is directly tied to the strategy, capability, cohesion, and engagement of employees.

Additionally, a company that is known for its positive culture and employee treatment can be more effective in attracting top talent, leading to a more skilled and experienced workforce. On the other hand, when a company neglects its workforce, it can lead to low morale, high turnover, and a lack of innovation. In short, investing in active culture management is investing in the long-term success of the company.

Culture survey results can help management understand areas of strength but most importantly, the key concerns that are affecting performance. Through the insights gained from employees’ answers, you can improve your organisational culture to create a better work environment that will benefit the whole company.

This is where the powerful Denison Organisational Survey is invaluable. Over 3 decades this survey has been used in companies in various sectors across the globe to assess organisational culture with scores that compare to a global benchmark. This helps organisations with insight that drives change initiatives that will address critical issues while also impacting the culture positively. The DOCS is a powerful and proven diagnostic tool.

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