Client Cases

The following cases illustrate typical client performance situations. The first case shows where the solution is non-training in nature.

1. Performance Improvement (PI) – typical non-training PI situation

The Situation

A client in Perth, Western Australia, the largest wholesale fresh produce business with over 100 years of operation, identified a problem; that the processing of produce orders was not standardised. This had led to variable performance on a daily basis that could not be properly controlled or improved. Customers complained, the staff were not able to perform consistently and management were frustrated at the mercurial performances in the business. The operations exemplified the notion of hyper-activity; working hard for mediocre result. The organisation had 16 separate units each with its own standard of processing orders for produce.

The Solution

A team was formed; each unit was represented in the team that worked with CPC to develop core processes for the whole operation. This entailed several workshops and discussion sessions to promote understanding of the ways in which each unit was both similar and different, in its order processing.

The result was the design of a core Order Process system that allowed each of the 16 units to complete common transactions in a standardised manner. Minimal allowance was made for the differences of some units. This allowed the order process to be standardised across all 15 units, measured, and controlled. Most importantly it produced a remarkable 38% increase in order processing improvement (namely, the accuracy and timeliness of orders) across the organisation. An ordering system was required, note that it was the ‘system’ that required fixing.

2. Performance Improvement (PI) – training situation

The Situation

The client organisation is a leader in the provision of banking and financial services in Singapore. While successful in achieving business growth, the issue they grappled with was in their HR. As the company expanded in the region they had to send more of their managers to other locations in different countries.
This meant dealing with similar banking issues and challenges but with different staffing issues in various locations. The managers’ current training did not equip them to deal with performance management of staff in cross-cultural settings and virtual teams. The managers were lacking in appreciating the differences of this new set-up. They could not deal remotely with staff and performance issues as they were not trained.

The Solution

CPC developed a specially tailored program to cover specific content that would help the company’s managers to deal with the typical remote-team issues of, communication, performance management, delegation, and team management within multi-cultural work settings.

The 3 day program was designed with the use of a powerful set of diagnostics and a mix of activities in an experiential learning style to engage with the identified participants. The result was that the capability of these participants was enhanced in terms of skills, concepts and analysis of cross-cultural issues, remote location communications and performance.

3. Performance Enhancement (PE) – an intervention designed to take up opportunities

The Situation

India’s largest independent and premier law firm needed to develop their organisational capability to cope with the spectre of international law firms entering the Indian market within a 3-5 year timeframe. The family-run law firm had enjoyed a leadership position in the market over several decades, achieved significant growth and had expanded into all the capital cities.

However it was time to explore the global and local market issues, strategic direction and management of the firm and undertake the changes required to retain market leadership in the face of increasing local and international competition. The key requirement was a genuine desire to maintain their leadership position as an independent firm.

CPC diagnosis showed the need for the facilitation and development of a Strategic Plan confirming the Vision, Mission and Core Values. In addition, the execution required alignment of all staff to the strategic goals and objectives. Effective change management was vital to ensure change plans were undertaken to produce the transformation.

The Solution

CPC expertly developed, facilitated and coached the leadership team through several workshops to produce the Strategic Plan and Change management required to take the firm into the new era.
The purpose-designed CPC solution ensured the firm was properly skilled and well prepared to deal with the new legal landscape. The timeliness and value of the intervention has put the firm in a strong position to deal with the challenges of international competition when it arrives. Once all strategies and actions are in place, it will continue to affirm its dominant market leadership position.

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