A Paradigm Shift Delivers Vastly Improved Performance

A Paradigm Shift Delivers Vastly Improved Performance. A 2,000-ft bridge in Norway was built using 3D models, unlike other large-scale building projects. They omitted the usual two-dimensional construction blueprints, which show how contractors translate designs into final projects. This is a new technique for planning and building projects. This method helps save time and money on what can be costly, slow, and complex architectural projects by using a single intricate digital three-dimensional model. This procedure, known as building information modelling, or BIM, eliminates a phase in the construction process that had become rife with issues. According to Fast Company’s Nate Berg, the construction sector is beginning to see the benefits of this strategy. This represents a Paradigm Shift in the industry.  

But, what does this have to do with your business?  

Just as 3D models are the new approach for the construction industry, the CPC approach represents a powerful, new way to ‘build your bridge’ to consistent performance. The basic principle that all organisations must produce a desired level of Performance serves as the foundation for the CPC approach. Physical, financial, technological, and human resources are deployed to do this work. The difference is in the way we focus on the crucial human factors of the business.  

Any given organisation’s performance outcomes will depend on the nature of the business, the goods and services it offers, and the markets it serves. Regardless of the industry type, size, location, or complexity, one factor is common to all organisations – human performance. Optimise human element to achieve desired performance levels. 

We deploy our expertise at the worker, work teams and workplace culture levels to produce outcomes. Our Capability/Culture Matrix shows the key factors involved.

We use human performance science, proven methodologies, concepts and tools to diagnose an organisation’s performance issue/s and provide a timely, purpose-designed solution. Our approach not only produces improved results but can position your organisation to achieve World-class Performance. Just like the 3D models used in the bridge construction above, this too is a paradigm shift.

Recent research shows that 66% of employees say their culture positively impacts their work and behaviour every day. And Employees who say their culture is positive are 3.8x more likely to be engaged.  

CPC takes a Culture-first approach and delivers precise interventions that realise tangible business results. Research shows that this approach can deliver up to 5 times more sales, and 2.5 times more profit with 57% less staff. Contact us now for a discussion on how this will work in your organisation. Cliff@chalonpc.com.au or book a time here.