strategic planning

Three Roadblocks to Strategic Planning

By Cliff Chalon / June 21, 2022 / 0 Comments

As time passes, a plan will need to be continually updated; Therefore, dubbing strategic planning a “big lie”. According to Kenny, another complaint is that “strategic” planning isn’t actually “strategy” at all. Corporate as usual takes over, and the innovative thinking that underpins ambitious business actions is pushed aside. The strategic planning process has a […]

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Culture should support its mission and strategy

Culture should support its mission and strategy

By Cliff Chalon / June 14, 2022 / 0 Comments

Adapted from: HBR | Does Your Company’s Culture Reinforce Its Strategy and Purpose? | Hubert Joly  Culture should support its mission and strategy. Purpose has recently become a critical component of running a business, serving as the guidance and impetus for all firm actions. However, there is often a significant disconnect between a firm’s purpose […]

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preventing work from home work from set up from breaking company culture

Preventing hybrid work from breaking company culture

By Cliff Chalon / June 7, 2022 / 0 Comments

It’s difficult to sustain a unified culture when most of your employees regularly work from home. Adapted from Strategy & Business / Earl Simpkins and Varun Bhatnagar /   The ‘hybrid work’ approach to work has been proven to greatly affect company culture. A Harvard Business Review (HBR) and PwC’s Global Culture Survey found that employees […]

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Workplace Politics

Healthy Office Politics

By Cliff Chalon / May 31, 2022 / 0 Comments

HBR (Harvard Business Review) analysis demonstrated that disengagement with workplace politics is a result of toxic culture. Negative politics can have a nasty downside and can derail relationships and performance. And once it becomes part of the organisation’s culture it can be exceedingly difficult to remedy.   Among the negative experiences were exclusions from informal relationships, […]

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Workforce Ecosystem Management

By Cliff Chalon / May 26, 2022 / 0 Comments

Adapted from: MIT Sloan Management Review | Orchestrating Workforce Ecosystem | ELIZABETH J. ALTMAN, DAVID KIRON, ROBIN JONES, AND JEFF SCHWARTZ | May 17, 2022 What are workforce ecosystems?  MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte define Workforce Ecosystems as a structure that aligns business and workforce strategies.  Successful leaders are understanding the complexity of these […]

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prepare for the next covid wave


By Cliff Chalon / May 19, 2022 / 0 Comments

Adapted from: HBR| Prepare Your Company for the Next Covid Wave| Patricia Toro, Jeff Levin-Scherz, and John M. Bremen  “The pandemic is not done, and corporations must be prepared for whatever the pandemic throws at them next, with the Omicron BA.2 strain and its progeny growing prevalent and protection to infections and immunisations fading.” Patricia […]

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