Iftikhar Kamaruddin

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Former Senior Manager, Petronas Change Management Unit, Malaysia

“When I first met Cliff some 10 years ago, our organisation was in the midst of an organisation-wide change. We already had, at the time, discussions with three established international consultancy firms with the intent of building change management staff capability for the group.

The proposal made by Cliff resonated with our Change Management Unit for several reasons:

Cliff’s proposal differed from the others as he took a lot of time to listen to our challenges and concerns, unlike other firms who seem more interested in pushing for their methodology and tools with little regard for the client’s potential pitfalls. His proposed solutions were customized to suit our concerns.

His proposals were also developed holistically, addressing root causes and using an integrated approach to solutions, including strategic planning, the change plan and leadership/ teamwork. His services also encompassed consulting, coaching and training staff who needed upskilling or guidance in their work.

Cliff is a very friendly and approachable person, has empathy for others and is always enthusiastic about his work. I would not hesitate in recommending him to other organisations.”