Kate Richardson

Business Systems Manager, Multi-Direct (Australia) “Cliff was commissioned to conduct a climate survey for Multi Direct. The resulting report produced from a mixture of questionnaire and qualitative answers provided management with valuable observations of our company’s climate and culture. Cliff has also facilitated a Strategic Planning workshop for the Executive Team from Multi Direct.” “This workshop […]

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Datuk Dr Rosti bin Saruwono

President & Vice Counselor, University of Selangor (Malaysia) “Through the workshop, we have been able to identify key issues affecting the organisation and we know where we are at the moment in relation to our competitors. We have also learnt about our profiles, strengths and how to develop the potential to reach a higher level […]

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Michael Sertorio

Director, Mercer Mooney (Australia) “I have worked with Cliff on developing new business models for the provision of HR consulting services. He was visionary in his outlook and able to translate that into a business plan that he has successfully implemented over the last several years…” “..Though having a HR background myself and receiving many […]

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Shardul S Shroff

Executive Chairman, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co, New Delhi, India “About 10 years ago, I met Cliff when we engaged him to craft a change management policy for upscaling skills and work methodology at our firm. Over 35 partners of the firm attended this workshop; Cliff was very thorough and professional in the engagement, developing […]

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Alizia Dhillon

HR Director, Kone Malaysia “I met Cliff five years ago when I attended a leadership development program in a former company. The workshop covered a range of topics, such as planning, performance management, motivation, communication, teamwork and situational leadership. It was truly an inspiring training program, complemented with a range of profiles, practical tools and […]

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Iftikhar Kamaruddin

Former Senior Manager, Petronas Change Management Unit, Malaysia “When I first met Cliff some 10 years ago, our organisation was in the midst of an organisation-wide change. We already had, at the time, discussions with three established international consultancy firms with the intent of building change management staff capability for the group. The proposal made […]

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John Ho

Regional CFO, Altana Singapore “I’ve known Cliff for over 12 years, since the organisation required an experienced seasoned facilitator to work with our emerging leaders in the Asia Pacific region. I have organized and personally attended several of his workshops and appreciated the profiles, practical tools and frameworks shared to lock in valuable skills and […]

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Peter Millington

Former CEO, ChemCentre “Cliff introduced a structured strategic planning process that not only met our statutory needs for an annual Statement of Corporate Intent and a Strategic Development Plan but also contributed significantly in producing a commercial orientation in ChemCentre. I particularly appreciated the logical and coherent CPC framework Cliff worked within, and the way […]

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Jacqueline Lane

Chief Corporate Services Officer, ORS Group “I met Cliff more than seven years ago when we needed someone to help us revitalise our HR function. He was very thorough, professional and shared his extensive expertise freely. The end result was that our HR function was put on track to performing as a true HR business […]

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“Though we hired Cliff as a Consultant, his services go far beyond the scope we expected. He is so knowledgeable, has excellent service manner, keeps constantly reviewing and making new creative recommendations. We see our work with him going a long way now and in the future.”

“Personally, I have been constantly making efforts to use the MSMO learning’s in my day to day managerial tasks and it has been extremely fulfilling to see a change in my work behavior. Needless to say, you have made a very lasting impression.”

“Since the delegates have returned from the session, several have given me informal feedback of the great insights the program they went through offered and were very happy with the whole process. They were amazed at your levels of energy and complemented you in that there was never a dull moment.”

“Finally someone had managed to explain to me what is change management and how to effectively carry out a change management exercise. I had heard the word so many times being mentioned by consultants before but had never been able to make full sense of the term. I am truly grateful to Cliff Chalon for breaking down such a complex process into several simple step-by-step activities. I am now more confident in leading a change management initiative within my own organization.”