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Two Major Advantages Of A Learning-Centered Culture

An organisation has a strong workplace learning culture when all of its employees are encouraged to learn about the company’s principles, rules, and practices as well as how to better their own skill sets. Few owners and managers understand why providing employees with opportunities for development in a wide range of seemingly unrelated skill sets can…

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Five Ways to Lead a Productive Team

No one really willingly leads a team that is unproductive. Creating cohesive teams that consistently come up with clever solutions causes leaders a great deal of difficulty. However, despite having the best intentions, many of the methods used by leaders to enhance teamwork are not very successful. Leigh Thompson, a management and organisation professor at…

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Leadership and Culture

Leadership eats culture. Culture does indeed eat strategy. However, leadership consumes culture, and no one is better equipped to undermine an organization’s efforts than individuals in leadership positions. According to Dan Denison, “it is tremendously alluring to sit at the top of a great worldwide firm and consider your strategic options.” The different impressions of…

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Create a Strong Organisational Culture Now

Why and how do we Create a Strong Organisational Culture Now?  Culture prior to the pandemic  Before the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders could describe how they intended the culture to be, but they lacked confidence in their ability to foster a setting that mirrored that state. Back then, 70% of HR leaders were certain that they…

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Transformation Through Capability Building

McKinsey defined capabilities as “crucial value-building elements or the hard and soft skills needed to help organizations reach—and sustain—their full potential.” We are aware that most businesses fall short of expectations when it comes to capabilities during enterprise-wide transformation initiatives. Most businesses understand the value of having a talented and dedicated team, yet many still…

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How To Thrive in the VUCA World

Business leaders must develop three competitive advantages for their organisations to thrive in this VUCA World: insights, commitment, and execution. With the Ukraine war, inflation, and the pandemic in recent years, we can all agree that we are already in the volatility age. There are two types of emerging business leaders according to McKinsey:  Leaders…

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